The Collected Letters, Volume 11


CHRONOLOGY ; 1985; DOI: 10.1215/ed-11-chronology; CL 11: firstpage-11-xiii-lastpage-11-xiv


1839 January. John Carlyle moves to Naples; TC thinks of joining him in Italy. His reading now centers on Cromwell, and during the month he receives offers of books from Cambridge, delivered on 1 Feb. 17: the first prospectus for the London Library.

February. 1: Mrs. Welsh arrives by train to stay till 28 March. 5: arrival of £100 from Emerson for The French Revolution. Miscellanies at press. Writes “Gropings about Montrose” and suffers more jury service. JWC is ill, nursed by her mother, recovering enough to give a soirée later in the month. TC dines with Lady Harriet Baring, and meets Vigny, Bunsen, and Babbage. 28: TC writes petition on the Copyright Bill (Examiner, 7 April).

March. TC begins to plan a new series of lectures; with JWC and her mother attends Bulwer's Richelieu. Meets Macready, Bulwer, and Rio; hears Hunt's reading of A Legend of Florence; meets D'Orsay.

April. Prospectuses ready for lectures on the revolutions of modern Europe. Hard weather, but TC continues to dine out and attends the Royal Society's soirée (13th). Emerson and TC continue to discuss the American edition of the Miscellanies, and Fraser agrees to £110 for the first edition of The French Revolution, and to prepare a second edition of 1,500 for Britain and 500 for America, printing to begin mid-May. Meantime the first two volumes of the American edition of the Miscellanies are sent to TC, to arrive in mid-June.

May. 1: TC begins a new series of lectures ending on the 18th, which are successful, bringing in about £200. 20: TC proposes an article on the condition of the working classes (to become Chartism) to Lockhart for the Quarterly. Discusses possible visits to America with Emerson. More writing on the Vengeur.

June. Printing of The French Revolution. Elizabeth Fergus visits Chelsea before her marriage to Count Pepoli. TC meets Daniel Webster. Given a horse, Citoyenne, by John Marshall.

July. “On the Sinking of the Vengeur” published in Fraser's. The Carlyles travel to Liverpool by rail (2nd), on to Scotsbrig (9th) and their base at Templand (11th). TC's mother visits Templand, and later he joins his family at Scotsbrig.

August. 1: Volumes three and four of the American edition of the Miscellanies despatched. Begins Chartism; agreements reached with Fraser for revised editions of Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship and Travels. The Carlyles consider the possible sale of Craigenputtoch. JWC, bored, visits Ayr with her mother and enjoys the change.

September. 500 copies of The French Revolution sent to New York. 10–11: TC and JWC return to London. Mill mentions to TC the possibility of applying for the chair of moral philosophy at Glasgow, but TC is not interested. Revises Goethe translations, finishing Apprenticenship on 30th.

October. Sterling's essay “On the Writings of Thomas Carlyle” in the London and Westminster Review. TC finishes German revisions. Writes on the hardships of agricultural laborers in Annandale. Offers Chartism to Mill for publication in the London and Westminster Review.

November. Still writing Chartism, finished by 23rd. Offered to Quarterly but refused. TC decides on separate publication by Fraser. Wilhelm Meister published.

December. Busy with publishing plans. Growing friendship of the Carlyles with Mazzini. 28: Chartism published in an edition of 1,000 copies.