The Collected Letters, Volume 11


JWC TO FRANCES WEDGWOOD ; 16 February 1839; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18390216-JWC-FW-01; CL 11: 30-31


[16 February 1839]

Carissima mia [my Dearest]

On Thursday next, it is fondly anticipated that the proposed réunion will take effect—provided always that Mr Darwin—the mainspring of most of the female undertakings in the present age does not snap or otherwise fail us in the course of the week. You will come then as you promised? and help me thro' with my belle assemblée [grand party]—

What a glorious long “threepenny” you would have had from me this night (for I am quite in the humour) had they not sneered me out of my “unconscious” faculty— But let this forced brevity show that I am not too far gone in threepennyism for listening to the voice of the Charmer.

Ever affectionately yours /

Jane Carlyle

5 Cheyne Row / Saturday evening