The Collected Letters, Volume 11


TC TO JAMES FRASER ; 18 December 1839; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18391218-TC-JFR-01; CL 11: 231


[18 December 1839]


By Thomas Carlyle

“It never smokes but there is fire.”—OLD PROVERB.

London: &c


That is the Title page, which I have this moment sent off to Robson, with directions to print it “according to his own taste.” He is to put in a Table of Contents; that is, a List of Chapters with their headings.

I wish farther to have, on one of the odd leaves, a bare List of “Works by the same Author” introduced, without any Note or Puff whatever; but including Sartor Resartus, in due order. Pray will you make out a Note of that kind, in your clearest briefest style! Robson's boy is to call on you for it. Do not forget Sartor; all that is mine, and nothing that is not mine.1

Ever yours truly /

T. Carlyle

James Fraser Esq