The Collected Letters, Volume 12


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 29 February 1840; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18400229-TC-JAC-01; CL 12: 63-64


Chelsea, Saturday [29 February 1840].

My dear Brother,

Your Giant's Causeway Letter1 has just come; one of mine that I had sent in the interim most probably was not got to hand when you wrote. I meant at any rate to send you today this good little Note which came from my Mother two days ago, which I have read with real pleasure. A fortiori [more definitely] I will send it now that yours has come.2

In about an hour hence, going up to Town, I will l[ook] after your straps. As this is the 29th, Fraser's Parcel may possibly be gone but I will hope not. If it be, of course the straps lie over to the future. You will see that they are sent, if the Examiner have only one stroke: take that as a token.— I hope your Campagne3 will be accepted and go on; no occupation could be so interesting and easy at once.

Fraser has sent me his Account: £239 for net proceeds of the Miscellanies; which, by various additional expences, about the American F.Rn, he rasps down to £217”10”3½. Is not that a princely return out of our 500 guineas? But it is according to rule, Craik says; all but a few inaccuracies, which I will correct and perhaps make a pound or two of. I will not fling my patience after my vanished cash. Poor James is not dishonest. His £217 too is not ready-cash; it is bill of ten months: but this too, Craik tells me, is according to rule. I will reconcile myself. The other Books are doing very tolerably; 300 F.Rn's sold &c: there will be something to divide on them too by and by.

Our Library is to get under way here; occupies far more of my time than I like. I am reading the Koran; partly with a view to lecturing: A strange book.4 My sunday-dinner has kept me miserable till today. I have refused two dinners since, I think I ought to refuse all, coûte qu'il coûte [whatever the cost]. Jane is gone out: this weather answers ill, yet has not ruined her hitherto. Mazzini is coming tonight with the Wedgwoods; Darwin has fallen in love with M.5 Ah me! I wish I were riding on the hills beside you.

Your affectionate /

T. Carlyle

Pray answer the questions I asked you!

James Currie6 was here the day before yesterday; I unluckily out. He asked your address; which Jane gave him wrong. He was to go next day. You write to him!