The Collected Letters, Volume 12


TC TO MARGARET A. CARLYLE ; 29 February 1840; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18400229-TC-MAC-01; CL 12: 64-65


Chelsea, Saturday [29 February 1840].

My dear Mother,

Here is a Letter come from John; containing nothing whatever I suppose that you do not know; which however I send, as worth a penny. Your good little Letter pleased us very greatly. Thanks, many thanks for it! And send another of the like, with your earliest convenience. A Letter from me, I think, would reach you about the same time. I wrote to Alick yesterday. This is but a word over and above that I send today.

My eight-o'clock dinner is all gone now; I feel well again today; better than I have done for ten days. Fraser's Account [is pronoun]ced to be nearly accurate by Craik, the “experienced friend” I consulted about it. The Book-trade is to blame; not poor Fraser, who gains only his share by it, and is I do believe a very punctual creature, honest in his way. I will screw him up a few pounds yet, and then settle for the Miscellanies. My other Books all go on well; there will be something from them too next year.

It will be a great comfort to you to have a Minister1 once more. I sincerely pray he may prove a good man that you fix upon. The want of regular “assembling of yourselves together”2 is a great want for all reasonable persons.—— Jane is just gone out; the weather having softened a little, and the sun at least being bright. We have nothing but east-winds; today it has shifted a point to the south of east— I wish poor little Tom would get back the use of his leg! I suppose “weakness” to be ailment enough for the like of him in that situation.3 His Mother will of course do all she can to restore him strength, to keep his general health good, which is the only course for him. The warmer weather will help him like the rest of us.

I have written more than I meant; I must finish here. Keep within doors, dear Mother, except a little blink about noon if the Sun chance to be out.— Good be with you all; Good and not Evil!

Your affectionate /

T. Carlyle