The Collected Letters, Volume 12


TC TO FREDERICK DENISON MAURICE ; 7 March 1840; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18400307-TC-FDM-01; CL 12: 71


Chelsea, 7th March, 1840.

My dear Maurice,

Many thanks for what you have said of me, and for the sending of the Paper where it was said. Surely I owe you gratitude, and that only, for both the one and the other. Our views as to outward methods differ somewhat; but as to end and aim they are abundantly identical—what more could two men (two and not one) wish of one another? You hope of the Church where I all but despair of it: Heaven grant that you may prove right, and not I, in this matter!1 That is heartily my prayer.

You have not been to see me for months,—for years? I was very sorry indeed to learn the other day that you have, of late, too good an excuse. Pray how is Mrs Maurice?2 This weather must be altogether hostile for her; but it cannot last.

If our Steamboats had begun again, Mahomet will come to the Mountain some day, since the Mountain will not to him.3 No neater way, on record, of getting well thro' a miracle!

Ever yours truly /

T. Carlyle