The Collected Letters, Volume 12


TC TO WILLIAM DOUGAL CHRISTIE ; 13 June 1840; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18400613-TC-WDC-01; CL 12: 162-163


Chelsea, Saturday [13 June 1840].

My dear Sir,

Here are certain Documents about the Library; only one of which is important, and that only important to the length of six and sixpence,—for a Times Advertisement,1 which the Thunderer dunned me for today!

I know not what became of Spedding and Lord Clarendon. I could not join them. I wrote to Spedding, but have no answer.

I am very busy; often enough at home till five in the afternoon; then over to Wandsworth region,2 merely for a gallop to sustain life,—and not once in Brick Babylon for days. Cannot you come hither?

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle

Mill is appointed to come to us on Monday night—

Monday.— The Post was missed on Saturday. The Thunderer did get impatient (papae [indeed]!); anxious for his six and sixpence; I have paid him, and now keep the document receipted—good against you!