The Collected Letters, Volume 13


JWC TO JANE WILSON ; 22 February 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410222-JWC-JWI-01; CL 13: 45-46


[ca. 22 February 1841]

MY DEAR MISS WILSON,—Before we proceed another step—before I can give the slightest countenance to my Husband's engagement for Friday1—will you tell me one thing— Have you asked, or do you mean to ask, the Maurices?2 If so it is all up! For I would not for a hundred guineas after the note I wrote to them even yesterday, at his desire; declaring him on soul and conscience to be altogether sick—altogether incapable—of anything but going to the Isle of Wight—that they should meet us with you, on one of the identical three days they offered us for making an engagement to dine at Guy's that we might transact an introduction to certain Derwent Coleridge's.3

How this so recent fact escaped the man's memory at the moment—only recurred to it ‘on the way home’—I cannot imagine, unless indeed you had previously turned his head. He is like to turn mine with his agreeable eccentricities.

Ever yours truly, /