The Collected Letters, Volume 13


JWC TO CHARLES REDWOOD ; 16 June 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410616-JWC-CR-01; CL 13: 151


[16 June 1841?]

Dear Sir

My husband has been obliged to make a rule to himself neither to write letters nor receive company in the mornings, except on absolute compulsion—so many distractions arising for one in this place, he found it impossible, without some such regulation to get on with any work—

Wishing then to lose no time in answering your note he has desired me to say to you; that he will be very happy to receive a visit from you any evening during your stay— We drink tea with the simplicity of by-gone ages at six o'clock—and hope to see you at that hour; or if the progress of civilization have corrupted you also, in the matter of hours; come as soon after as suits your convenience— We do not go to bed till—ten!

Jane Carlyle

Wednesday morning

5 Cheyne Row

Have the kindness to say which evening you will come, in case of my Husbands being gone out to walk—the only sort of going out he engages in at present—