The Collected Letters, Volume 13


JWC TO HELEN WELSH ; 13 July 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410713-JWC-HW-01; CL 13: 182-183


[13 July 1841]

Dearest Helen

I am to be off at last god willing on Friday morning by the eleven oclock train! I have stupidly neglected to ascertain the hour of arrival in Liverpool—but Alick1 can perhaps do it without difficulty and if anybody will come to meet me tant mieux [so much the better]— Only do not plague yourself to do so as you know like the bad sixpence I always turn up—

If I do not turn up on Friday comfort yourself by thinking that nothing has prevented me except only death or a bad headach.— And tell so to a certain young lady of Genius—who will probably inquire for me at your house on Saturday, giving her name Geraldine Jewsbury.— Whereupon she will infallibly shed many tears, and go away “heavy and displeased.”2

My poor Geraldine! pray that she and all of you may not be subjected to such a disappointment—

Now do not let my Maid be any inconvenience to you in doors only get me a bed for her somewh[ere] if there be no room in your Attic or Subterranean She could sleep in a large trunk for that matter being only some three feet long— Hoping that all may go right and that we shall meet in perfect happiness

Ever affectionately / Yours

Jane Carlyle