The Collected Letters, Volume 13


TC TO JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN ; 19 September 1841; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18410919-TC-JCA-01; CL 13: 256


[ca. 19 September 1841]

to sail on Monday by a ship from Liverpool for America.1 My Mother was infinitely relieved; Jamie and all the rest of us agreed that there was simply that one chance left for him. I long greatly to hear that he is actually off. They seemed to have no doubt of it, any of them: but what is not doubtful about such a character as poor Rob!

Jenny is to remove to Gill, so soon as they are fairly in their new house there. They are to get coke-cinders, burn chaffing-grates on the floor;—it will be horribly damp, I fear: but on the whole there was no other feasible thing for poor Jenny, she herself was bent on it as an inexpressible relief. My Mother and she cannot, for either of their sakes, live together at present; that is clear: my Mother was like being killed by it if it lasted. Jenny will be better there; were her poor Luckless once fairly gone, she might perhaps gradually think of something she could do,—sewing, dress-making, or I know not what; in all which I depend considerably, dear Jean, on your assisting her. You seem to know her better than any of the rest, except perhaps Jamie, does: poor thing, she certainly deserves all manner of help that any and all of us can afford at present. Pray do you go by and by to Gill; inspect her with your own eyes, and tell me how it goes. She is not in want of money; Jamie says she will have money of her own for a good while: but, alas, there are so many wants besides money. We must encourage her in what is wisest, and hope the best.

But enough now, dear Sister. You see what a pen this is grown to,—shame on it! “Who could even spell with such a pen?”2——— I pray you recommend me in grateful good-wishes to your Good man; you may even throw in a little word for the other James, the villain that he is. Tell Anniekin to keep well, and the small Tom to grow big. Good be with you all always. / Your affectionate / T. Carlyle

Jane is over at “Harriet's”; it is time I were out on the sea-beach for a long walk.