January-July 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 14


TC TO MARGARET A. CARLYLE ; 2 March 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420302-TC-MAC-01; CL 14: 57


Chelsea, Wednesday Night [2 March 1842].

My dear Mother,

It is decided that I am to come up, and attend the Funeral. According to my guess, it will be on Saturday; but we lie in a confused posture for hearing: simply I have to make what utmost haste I can. On Friday night, by some conveyance or other, I expect to pass thro' Dumfries: I shall not see Jean; I have written to her today, and bade her write to Jenny or Mary. You will apprise all the rest.

My poor Wife lies at Liverpool very ill: I am to decide, or help her to decide, whether she shall go on.— I have also had my new edition to make ready for the press in these days; nothing can be busier than I have been and am.

I will of course let you know about my movements: if you hear nothing farther, you may fancy me at Templand on Saturday, and that you will hear of me or see me soon: but if I can I will write to you another word somewhere. Tomorrow I go off; uncertain whether at 11 o'clock, or not till evening.

Good night, dear Mother. This sudden stroke has filled me with confusions. Jack is travelling about Oxford, of late days; I have not seen him since friday last.

Your affectionate /

T. Carlyle