January-July 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 14


TC TO JAMES CARLYLE ; 13 March 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420313-TC-JC-01; CL 14: 69


Templand, 13 March, 1842—

Dear Jamie,

I know not whether this will be able to reach you before Tuesday morning:1 but at all events it may serve to warn my Mother and Isabella, and so be worth a penny.— I do not know now whether we shall get direct down into Annandale, by the Gill &c, as originally proposed; whether we shall not be obliged to come up hither again, and so perhaps across by Lochmaben. At all events it will be better to make no appointment at Gill or elsewhere till you meet me on Tuesday.

I have heard from John; all is well at London: from my Wife (this morning for the second time); her health seems better, but her spirits are naturally altogether sunk, her whole heart disconsolate and desolate. She is able for travelling, she says; and will set off so soon as her Uncle returns,—perhaps about friday or so.

On Tuesday you need not hurry yourself inordinately,—tho' if you should miss this Letter, and come early in the morning, of course it will be no harm.

Your affectionate Brother /

T. Carlyle