January-July 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 14


TC TO ARCHIBALD PRENTICE ; 9 May 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420509-TC-APR-01; CL 14: 182


5. Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London 9 May, 1842—

My dear Sir,

Inclosed is one of Chamber's Circulars on the case of Burn's poor destitute Sister. The thing speaks for itself; and indeed spoke, as I could see, to you with proper effect. If according to your prompt generous purpose you can get some arrangement set on foot in Manchester, a sum doubtless might be collected there. Another charitable hand (Mr Welsh of Maryland Street, my Wife's Uncle) is to start the matter in Liverpool: I in this circle of mine will do what is in my power. Hands to the work!— As Chambers alone knows the details of this business, and your knowledge, when once you have read the Circular, and heard that I gave Chambers instant “leave to use my name,” will be precisely equal to my own knowledge, he I suppose is the person to be corresponded with about it. Perhaps you are already acquainted with the man? I will apprise him today that you have consented to act;—that he had better send you a dozen other Circulars, for one thing: I myself have got but three in all; and a second of them is travelling, side by side with this, on the way to Liverpool.

I regretted that I saw so little of you in Manchester; but hope another time when I am there or when you are here, we shall be luckier.

With many good-wishes and regards,

Yours most truly, /

T. Carlyle