January-July 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 14


TC TO ROBERT CHAMBERS ; 24 June 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420624-TC-RC-01; CL 14: 208-209


Chelsea, 24 june, 1842—

My dear Sir,

Yesterday this scrap of a Liverpool Newspaper came inclosed in a Letter from Mr Welsh, my Wife's Uncle, to whom some time ago you sent a set of Begg Circulars.1

Mr Welsh informs me that the real amount collected in Liverpool is sixty-seven pounds, whereof £40 by himself, and £27 by a certain Mr Taylor,2 whom, on starting, he already found engaged in the business, and of course studied to cooperate with,—a thing not to be done as it turned out, without letting Mr Taylor have his own way, take the whole credit, &c &c; all which Mr W. very wisely assented to at once: and so the £67 has been gathered; the Newspaper scrap has been written and printed; and—what is notablest, but also not fundamentally important—the money has been remitted not, as Mr W. wished and intended, to you, but by “a Bank Post Bill drawn in Mrs Begg's favour, and inclosed to the Revd Mr Henderson of Tranent.”3 This is the net result of Liverpool. If Mr Henderson communicate with you (as Mr Welsh partly expects) you will now understand him, and the