August-December 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 15


JWC TO JEANNIE WELSH ; 14 September 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420914-JWC-JW-01; CL 15: 86-87


Wednesday [14 September 1842]

Tomorrow—certainly—if one may make use of such a word in such a world!— Every body's mind is reconciled, or resigned to the great fact of our departure tomorrow— The places are taken and for Charles, as well as we two— Law-business calls him to London for a day or two and so we are to go in company.

At first hearing of this, I exclaimed thankfully— “Oh then there is no fear of our missing the coach”—for you know I never set out on any expedition with my husband without apprehensions of that uncomfortable sort—but I remembered the next instant that Charles also is addicted to being too late—witness his seat paid and lost in coming down—but on the principle that two negatives make an affirmative—two afflictions a consolation—the combination may still turn out a good— I was glad of your long letter to day for the scrap yesterday and the oblivion of the newspapers made me fancy something amiss which you were keeping to yourself— I am glad also that Darwin continues to justify “on your subject” the good opinion I have always entertained of him—

Well—I have undergone the process of Animal magnetism and with the impracticability of the Bass-Rock1—which proves merely according to Charles, not that his animal magnetism is a piece of downright nonsense but that I “have an ill-regulated mind”— But what use is there in writing any more seeing that I will follow my letter in a few hours— The coach leaves Bury at half after nine so that at the same rate of travelling we should reach London at four— You may order some dinner to be ready at half after four. Broth and boiled mutton—if you like—for we shall probably be rather feverish and inclined to slops.

We are in expectation of Lady Cullum today to lunch here— Charles has escaped to shoot partridges Carlyle who is retained almost per force looks not indisposed to shoot himself—or her

your affectionate