August-December 1842

The Collected Letters, Volume 15


TC TO EDWARD STRACHEY ; 21 September 1842; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18420921-TC-ES-01; CL 15: 99


CHELSEA, September 21, 1842

DEAR STRACHEY, — About a week ago I addressed a note to you at 11 Mount Street. Going yesterday to call upon you there, I found that it was a wrong address; that you were not discoverable there! Rather unwisely, I had left your last note with Mrs. Buller,1 to keep her in mind of your address; I fancying that I could carry it safely in my head. The worst will be if the note have miscarried, for it contained a small letter to your mother on a subject that could ill afford to wait longer for an answer. My hope is that the postman of your street had sagacity and memory enough to correct the number from his own resources. Trusting partly to this, I send you a new note with the old address, but with a supplement or pis aller [last resort]. When you answer me, I will pay better heed to the cipher.

The main purpose of my visit yesterday was to say that my wife, who is a chess-player of some eminence, like yourself, will be very happy to come and play a game with you whenever you can send to give her warning, and fetch her up and down. She is, unfortunately, no walker, but very well affected to chess and to you.

My brother seems to be about Beaumaris,2 with intent to continue some weeks in that neighborhood, and pass over into Scotland for a few days.

Believe me always, dear Mr. Strachey,

Yours most truly,