January-July 1843

The Collected Letters, Volume 16


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; 1990; DOI: 10.1215/ed-16-acknowledgements; CL 16: firstpage-16-vii-lastpage-16-vii


The editors wish to express their continued appreciation to individuals and institutions acknowledged previously. In addition, there are some who deserve particular mention. Among these are the National Library of Scotland and Dr. Iain Brown; the Edinburgh University Library and John Howard, Keeper of Special Collections; Carlyle's House, Chelsea, and the National Trust and Colonel Bruce Holford-Walker and Mrs. Geraldine Elwes; and Joe Rees. Since the last set of volumes special thanks are also due to the University of Edinburgh General Council Appeal for its extremely generous support of the project in 1988–89, and to the University of Edinburgh Development Fund, Dr. Diana Henderson and her staff, especially Alistair Lawson. Further acknowledgments will be due on publication of the next set of volumes, but among those who can already be thanked are the Pilgrim Trust; the British Academy; the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland; the Saltire Society; Emmanuel College, Cambridge; and among individuals Professor Carlisle Moore and Eluned M. Brown. Continued help has also been received, in other ways, from John Hall, new Sub-Librarian of Cambridge University Library, and Timothy Hobbs, Sub-Librarian, Trinity College, Cambridge.