January-July 1843

The Collected Letters, Volume 16


TC TO CHARLES REDWOOD ; 15 May 1843; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18430515-TC-CR-01; CL 16: 164-165


Chelsea, 15 May, 1843—

My dear Sir,

I duly received your Letter, and then your Newspaper with the announcement of the Cardiff Steamboats; and thank you heartily for your kind promptitude in regard to that matter. I have still several things to do in London; and indeed the Sun is hitherto so drowned in vapours and rains, there is but little invitation towards the country. I was to have gone last week to explore the region of Naseby Battle in Northamptonshire; and all was adjusted, and my hospitable conductor on the spot, would the weather but have grown dry. The weather did not grow dry, and still does not.

I by no means give up Glamorganshire yet;—altogether the contrary. But there will be several adjustments to make here first. For the rest, I have a Friend in Clifton, whom I must try to see as I pass;1 it is likeliest I may stay a day there, and so have ample time to choose my Steamer, and give you warning about it.

Does Glamorganshire produce good horses? If you should hear of any modest stout eligible riding-horse on sale in that quarter, I could half wish you would give me notice about it. I have a feeling again as if I ought to have a horse; and to purchase one in Tattershall's2 is very far beyond my commission at present! Nay the whole matter is still so much in the state of a mere imagination, that I will expressly forbid your taking any trouble about it, or treating it as other than an altogether loose affair. My price for a horse has hitherto been somewhere between £20 and £30; and their qualities are quite dark to me till I have tried them!

Still hoping to see you in Wales before long,

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle