January-July 1843

The Collected Letters, Volume 16


TC TO ALEXANDER CARLYLE ; 23 June 1843; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18430623-TC-AC-01; CL 16: 213-214


Chelsea, Friday Afternoon [23 June 1843]

My dear Brother,

John's Letter came to me this morning;1 I had been looking every night and morning for it: the news of it fell on my heart like a heavy stone. My dear Brother,—it is very touching what John says, that you went thro' the business “like a right brave man”; that “all your old energy, alacrity and clearness of mind shewed itself again in you in these hours!” Yes, my dear Alick,—when I think and hope that perhaps it is God's merciful ordering, this very sore trial, to bring you back again out of fatal declivities, into a true path; and make you yet even yet the victorious man you were meant to be—that is the only thing that sweetens this bitter sorrow to me.—

But why do I talk in that dialect? The truth is, I am worn down with writing day and night, and in a very weak sorrowful humour; I never in all my life was so busy. But it will end on Sunday;—it must end, for the thing has then to be printed.— It is most absurd that this too should have intervened to aggravate us.

Tell me truly if you would wish to see me; if it would not be rather a sorrow for you? I promise and assure myself that I will come yet, and see you in that new Home,—to which may God Himself give a blessing! There has no solicitation yet from all America that had any strength at all upon me like this.— In God's name, let us look up then; and take Hope and Courage for a loadstar. I will engage not to write another weak word to you,—not even in such a whirl of haste as I write in at present.

Tell me exactly on what day you expect to sail. I will not bid you call at Maryland Street; but call again at the Post-Office, if there be again any chance.

Your Letter to the Owners of the Ashburton will perhaps do you good with the Captain. You carry a Letter to one Mr M'Connel,2 John says, at Canadaigua. We knew his Wife; an excellent kind creature, Jane thinks her. My American Colman in describing the population of Canadiagua spoke of one “M'Connel” or “O'Connel,” as a kind of questionable man,—you will keep this in your mind, but of course entirely secret; and look at your man with your own eyes, when there. Greig will be able to do you your Money-bill; he if there were even no other.— Jamie is coming over,3 they tell me; which is a great comfort Adieu dear Brother. Fear nothing; my brave brother's courage once roused, there is nothing in the Earth or under it that shall daunt him. God be with you. I will surely hope to write again. Write you a word,—one word if you can! / T. C.