January-July 1843

The Collected Letters, Volume 16


JWC TO THOMAS CARLYLE ; 5 July 1843; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18430705-JWC-TC-01; CL 16: 232-233


[5 July 1843]


The earth-quake is commenced—awfully grand I assure you—and the heat too is awfully grand—I was up at six—and had a pitcherful of water poured on me the first thing—

The time I have been reading the letters is the only time I have sat still since I rose (irish)—Miss Bölte has been here but I absolutely refused to go down to her— She was here yesterday also while I was at Greenwich—Greenwich methinks is an extremely “nasty” place—but we had good cold chicken and strawberries— Little Mr. Cowan came while I was away to offer me his boat for the Regatta1— —but I should not have gone having no idea of losing my one life at a sailing match— Darwin also came—and Elizabeth—but I missed the whole—I should like to be “well let alone” for I have grandes choses a faire [great things to do]—

For your comfort under any noises that may wake you what think you roused me this morning? the buzzing of flies!

Here is a note requesting for the King of Prussia the same extraordinary piece of information which Mazzini applied to you for the other day—the Devil fly away with that foolish double!2— What a pen!—also an invitation from the Bishop of St Davids3—I send them on without delay tho I am not sure they will overtake you at Clifton—

You do not tell me how you like my beautiful Vittoria do please condescend to particulars— Krasinski4 has sent me a long list of Ice-landic books—shall I send it—

“You must excuse us the day.”5 I am in a complete mess and my pen refuses almost to mark—I shall be in complete mess for a time and half a time— I will perhaps go a few days to the Isle of Wight for breathing in the midst of it—but I shall not be done with my work this month to come— You see—you do so hate commotions that this house gets no peridodical cleanup like other people's and one must make the most of your absence— Do not curse this writing I will try to get some pens mended for next time— your affectionate