August 1843-March 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 17


TC TO JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN ; 7 August 1843; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18430807-TC-JCA-01; CL 17: 23-24


Scotsbrig, Monday, 7 Augt, 1843

Dear Jean,

I got here according to engagement; and according to engagement too I have done almost nothing but sleep since I arrived! Jenny is here, very active tho' suffering from something of a sore-throat or undeveloped cold. Our Mother is fully as well as I expected; busy reading &c; and glad as ever to see her son again. Poor Isabella is weak, lies mostly in bed; I have never seen her yet but once.

My Mother and I purpose making up towards you about Thursday. Thursday if the weather be fair,—but it is a most uncertain weather; raining, or continually liable to rain! I myself too am in a bilious way, not in good travelling condition just now. The safest will be not to look for us till we come: but we do aim towards Thursday, if things answer [our] hopes.

Jack parted with me on the deck of the Victoria about half past 2 on Friday morning. He is staying with a friend a Mr Chorley at Liverpool; Chorley and he escorted me so far and would not take their leave till there. I have written to Jack, but heard nothing. I fancy he will go round by Darlington, where he has a visit to pay; and then perhaps return this way.

I am weary tonight; and thirsty for tea:—besides what use is there in writing when I can hope to see you soon!

My kind regards to James and all the younger branches that can receive them. And so goodnight till Thursday, dear Sister.

Your affectionate /

T. Carlyle