April-December 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 18


JWC TO JEANNIE WELSH ; 19 June 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18440619-JWC-JW-01; CL 18: 77


[19 June 1844]

Dearest Babbie

I have fixed my day—and mean to keep it—on Monday next,1 god willing, I shall be deposited in your arms—transmitted by railway in better or worse condition— I cannot yet specify the hour in the evening—

Meanwhile I am “very much excited”—more than ever needing to have my hair combed—if you have been casting your serious eyes on the Public Bruits you may have seen the affair of “Mazzinis letters”— I will tell you all about it when I come—it is no news to me for I have been in the secret for months—but it is news for this FREE country of England—disgraceful news—and the thing which is setting up my blood just now is the cool way in which Englishmen take the acknowledgement of a fact which before it was acknowledged they declared to be too bad for being credited! Carlyle has written a glorious letter to the Times on the subject but the Times with its accustomed personal prejudices will possibly decline inserting it—

Darwin advises me “to apply for copies of all my letters to M. at the home office”—but my letters have a long while back been written more for the Austrian embassy than for the person they were addressed to—nay I lately said at the end of a note requiring despatch that “Mrs Carlyle would be particularly obliged to the embassy to lose no time in forwarding it”!2 God bless you all—I have no patience for writing now— Your own / J C