April-December 1844

The Collected Letters, Volume 18


TC TO WILLIAM DOUGAL CHRISTIE ; 28 November 1844; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18441128-TC-WDC-01; CL 18: 275-276


Chelsea, 28 Novr, 1844—

Dear Christie,

Many thanks for your Ludlow Note. We may take that story from thickheaded Edmund, with great certainty, as a rumour of the time; but not with any certainty as more.1 Edmund was far away from Whitehall and Hampton Court2 in those particular years; and a very thickheaded man to boot. I observe your Ashley Cooper is one of the excluded Members in Oliver's Last Parliament; and does not get in till after the Petition and Advice, when the Young Lady was already married.— Can you tell me what is the Museum Title of the Ludlow Ms., if there should be occasion to refer to it?

I have had the Harrington Ms. overhauled: John Harrington, a “recruiter” for Somersetshire; seemingly a Puritan Lawyer: alas, only 34 pages refer to the Parliament at all; and these, to judge from the samples, are of extreme insignificance.3 However, I mean to have the whole copied.

If you should ever fall in with the most transitory notice of the Little Parliament, the Puritan Convention of the Notables, nicknamed “Barbones Parliament,” pray do not neglect to apprise me.4

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle