January-September 1845

The Collected Letters, Volume 19


TC TO J. G. LOCKHART ; 30 May 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18450530-TC-JGL-01; CL 19: 71-72


Chelsea, 30 May, 1845—

Dear Lockhart,

Here is a Book which came for you today from Varnhagen von Ense, with some pretty compliments which I do not transcribe. His gratitude for your Autographs is great.1 The rest you can conceive ad libitum.

He speaks much of a certain “Herr Siborne,” an Englishman I think, who has written a Book, of high celebrity at Berlin (to me unknown hitherto) for putting Waterloo Battle on its right footing.2 If Herr Siborne or any English military man would take up this Life of Blücher, and review it in the Quarterly, there would be one man, however many more, much gratified.

Today also a certain Dr Eckermann, Author of Gespräche mit Goethe,3 intimates his purpose of sending you a Copy of a Letter from Sir Walter Scott, which he has found among Goethe's Papers, and fancies might gratify you.4 I will send him your address.

You are got well again? It would almost of a certainty do you good to come down here, and have a long Scotch talk with me, with or without the accompaniment of tobacco;—and yet I perceive clearly you will never do it, such is the blindness of man!

I am nearly killed with the detestablest labour I was ever in since I first knew labour.

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle