January-September 1845

The Collected Letters, Volume 19


TC TO RICHARD MONCKTON MILNES ; 27 July 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18450727-TC-RMM-01; CL 19: 112-113


Chelsea, 27 july 1845—

Dear Milnes,

You are very kind and good. Your Note will be a pleasure to my little Partner when she receives it, as it is to me already: for which be due praise and thanks to all the parties instrumental therein.

If it please Heaven, we shall see Fryston,1 one day or other: but the truth is, my Wife is off to Lancashire, to Wales and the green world, a week ago; and I here sit wrestling and wriggling over the fag-end of Cromwell,—near dead with it;—and cannot stir anywhither till that be done: probably not for a month yet. I am then bound for Scotland, to see my good old Mother once again in this world; can yet set no time for that or anything; and do not promise myself to accomplish any farther expedition till a new season come.

Shall I not see you again before you go? If you had a horse, and would come and ride with me some day, a great deal of pleasant talk might be accomplished! But there is no use in wishing. May good go with you whitherward soever: this I will wish, for my own private behoof if for no other's.

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle