The Collected Letters, Volume 2


TC TO JANE BAILLIE WELSH; 19 April 1822; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18220419-TC-JBW-01; CL 2:88-89.


3. Moray-street, 19th April, 1822—

My dear Madam,

I happened to fall in with these books lately; and thinking they might perhaps amuse you for a little, I have made bold to send them. You will pardon me for doing so, if it be offensive to you.

I have got no German queries from you, for a long while. It would grieve me very much if I imagined that any cause, but your not wanting farther help in those studies, had prevented you from applying to me. I have often said, that, few gratifications could be dearer to me, than that of being able to forward your interest in any point: I again beg you to believe that in such cases (if there be any such), I alone am the obliged party.

One or two things have occurred to me, in the course of reading or reflection, which I thought might perhaps be useful to you as subjects of literary composition: if you care aught about them, they are altogether at your service.

I would gladly stand in your Mother's remembrance as she does in mine. I desire you to present my kind respects to her, if you think fit: and to consider me as being at all times,

Your's with sincere & affectionate esteem, /

Thomas Carlyle—