The Collected Letters, Volume 2


JBW TO THOMAS CARLYLE; November 1822; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18221100-JBW-TC-01; CL 2:193.


[Early November 1822]

Many thanks for your long letter. It has already produced beneficial effects, I have got up at seven these last two mornings. What greater proof can I give of my good intentions?— I have just this instant finished O'Meara—and have no time to write. You quite distress me by your attention in sending me so many books—

The verses were written by Charles Terrot1!!!——do you reall[y] think I would have submitted any of my young friend's compositions to the inspection of such a merciless critic as you? No No—I have some poetry of his; but I like him too well to shew it to you—

Your[s] Ever

Jane Welsh