October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO CHAPMAN & HALL ; 10 November 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18451110-TC-CAH-01; CL 20: 51-52


Chelsea, 10 Novr, 1845—

Dear Sir,

We are going out of Town for a while, on Friday; and are in a considerable bustle here. The Cromwell, I understand, is announced for the 22d: it will therefore be necessary to adopt the plan you recommended about the Presentation Copies. If you could send your man tomorrow with 25 of them, I would write the Names on them, and send you the correct List of Addresses on another Paper; by which means they could be forwarded without delay when the Book comes out. I owe many persons some acknowledgement for help received in the course of the Work; but these are all I can make a List of at present: if I recollect of more, I must apply to you again.

This morning I have a Letter from Lawrence, and have written pressingly to the Engraver1 to come down to me without delay that I may shew him this Letter and the Prints &c I have got here.

Nutt is the man for Varnhagen's Parcel; which I hope is in a state of forwardness.

Our Address on and after Saturday next if you hear no farther, is:

Hon. W. B. Baring
Bay House

Tomorrow till past noon I wait for the Engraver, and other purposes, here.

In haste / Yours always truly

T. Carlyle

Will you be so good as pay the Enclosed £1.9 to Nutt's people, and get me that receipt of theirs signed; and then return it along with the Sheets of the 25 Books tomorrow.— The Post Office Draft is in your own name.