October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 1 December 1845; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18451201-TC-JAC-01; CL 20: 65-66


Bay House, 1 Decr, 1845

Dear Brother,

I am glad you found the D'Ewes Ms. and sent it off to Bruce. I have this day written to him to say that it is coming. You did not send me the Key back by that Letter; but doubtless you have it lying ready for being sent.

We live here in the most complete state of Donothingism that I have ever in my life had experience of. The day goes along in consulting how the day shall go. For most part I snatch an effectual ride upon my strong horse out of the whirlpool; I read a little German with the Lady after Dinner; listen to some music, to much witty talk;—and that is all. I seem to improve in health a little; but still do not sleep: the habit of utter idleness, getting possession of me, is very strange! How long we shall be able to stand such a regimen is not yet made out:—one would think not very long! The prospect of such a thing for life were absolutely equal to death! Meantime it cannot but be said to be pleasant enough, and perhaps not useless, for a season.

Here is a Letter from Scott,1 which you can return to me. We have got a Copy of the Cromwell here; Mr Baring bought it in a shop: it looks well enough. And now that Business, one may hope, has ended. I am much pleased with Scott's approval of me, which has a sincere air. But on the whole, all that department of the thing is grown surprisingly small to me: not momentous, one way or the other.

Buller is going to Town tomorrow; to return on Wednesday or Thursday. My Tobacco is done; my Fusees not far from done. Would you therefore go to our old Tobacco-shop; get me two quarter-pounds of Returns, and a groat's worth of fusees; and leave them addressed to me at Buller's, 2. Chester Place. Do, and help me. Tuesday Evg will be safest.

—Will you also take this Rate-paper, and pay the £2. 0. 6 for me. Keep a true List of all those outlays, and we will settle it punctually by and by.

They want me “instantly” to go and ride! Adieu dear Brother. Your affe

T. Carlyle