October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO JOHN CHILDS ; 1 January 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460101-TC-JCHI-01; CL 20: 87-88


Chelsea, 1 jany, 1846—

My dear Sir,

Your Letter came duly to hand; for which, and for the energetically kind and honest sentiments conveyed in it, I return you many thanks. The same evening, the Parcels Company delivered us two copies of the beautiful pathetic little Book,—concerning which I must feel much more than I speak at present! It is a wise pure little word;—and will not be lost altogether, or at all. None such ever was; nor the Speaker of any such. Courage, Courage!— Surely I will comply with your request in regard to that little Book; nay in great part have already done so,—my Wife along with me; not without various thoughts. If it can cheer your brave Daughter1 at all, on her bed of Languishing, offer my sympathies to her; bid her from me, Be of Courage and look to the Eternal with trust and hope!— I will add no more today.

Yours very truly always

T. Carlyle