October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO THOMAS MURRAY ; 20 March 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460320-TC-TM-01; CL 20: 145-146


Chelsea, 20 March, 1846—

Dear Murray,

I am in such a press of business at present; pushing with all speed a new edition of a late Book of mine thro' the Press, amid unspeakable confusions,—I have no leisure to consider any other question whatever.

It seems to me doubtful whether there is among my confused Paperfragments anything at all that would suit with the Publication you are upon:1 but I will examine duly, so soon as I have a day's leisure; and if there be, surely you shall have the benefit of it

Very gladly would I in anything feasible testify my ineffaceable remembrance of the days of Auld Langsyne!— Days that are gone somewhither, very far off now; and yet that, in a strange sense, are still actually here!

Believe me Yours ever truly

T. Carlyle—