October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


JWC TO MARGARET A. CARLYLE ; 28 March 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460328-JWC-MAC-01; CL 20: 153-154


Addiscombe Farm / Saturday [28 March 1846]

My dear Mrs Carlyle

Carlyle has sent me the enclosed letter, with a hint to forward it to you. For me, I am so used to Lady-adorers of all sorts turning up for him, that the fact of a new one or of a new half dozen occasions me no particular emotion. my chief thought about them, is whether they will not sooner or later be left on my hands—for he makes no conscience of turning them over to me, whenever he finds them becoming bores to himself— This one however seems a good woman enough “an owl innocently” as she modestly says of herself— At all events her letter gives me a natural occasion for giving you my kind regards at first hand—

I am glad to hear you have got over the winter so well— I also have been unusually well—in the matter of colds at least—and for the rest—the headachs and all that sort of things, like the pigs to having their throats cut, one “gets used to it.1

I have been here for a week with Lady Harriet Baring whom you have doubtless heard Carlyle speak of with enthusiasm. A very clever woman, and very lovable besides—whom it is very pleasant to live with—if she likes you—and if she does not like you, she would blow you up with gunpowder rather than be bored with your company— So that one clearly understands one's footing beside her.2 I am to stay three weeks longer until she returns to town and Carlyle comes on the Saturdays and goes back on Mondays— Generally Charles Buller also— The second edition of the book will soon be done it is to be hoped—for Carlyle has worked too hard at it and is got quite out of strength and spirit— His horse is to return next week and that will at least force him to take more exercise—being too much inbued with our national virtue thrift to let it stand in the stable eating off its own head, as the phrase is—

Kind love to Jamie and Isabella and all the rest—with true affection

Ever yours /

Jane W Carlyle