October 1845-July 1846

The Collected Letters, Volume 20


TC TO JAMES CARLYLE ; 27 July 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460727-TC-JC-01; CL 20: 259-260


Seaforth House, Liverpool 27 july, 1846—

Dear Jamie,

I yesterday went into Liverpool, doing various small matters; and made among other things due inquiry about the transport of the Horse Bobus across to you by the Steamer. It appears the Steamer went last night; and had we known in time to warn you, the Horse might have gone then. There is now no convenient time for us till Monday first: the Victoria does go on Friday, but it is at two o'clock in the morning, which we naturally find an incommodious hour. On Monday the sailing hour is six in the evening; about six next morning the hour of arrival at Annan-foot: that will do very well for us. On Tuesday morning therefore, unless you hear farther, you will expect the Horse and his furniture, in one condition or the other, at the Victoria landing-place there. There are bridle and saddle (with mud-leathers, gambadoes as they call them fixed to the stirrup-leathers), with horse-cloth and roller (a kind of belt I think that fastens the horse-cloth round; that is the “roller”): there will be all that, with a black horse,—much astonished at his new situation, I dare say! The Beast is going about at grass here; quite recovered from his cold, but good for nothing yet to ride upon; being quite weak and timorous, when I tried him a few miles on the sand last Saturday. He is very gentle-tempered, but full of fancy in his present weak state:—you must turn him out to grass; and there, I do hope, our very considerable botherations with him are about done!— Let the Doctor write me a little word between us and that time; and so we may know that all is right.

I am busy making up Alick's Canada Box! I yesterday got two Pilot-Coats, and surprising stormproof caps, a big and a small, intended as gifts for Alick and Tom; cloaks also for Jenny and Jane; today I am to see about getting a right gun.— Alick Welsh, whom we are to dine with today, is to be put on the subject: a strong sufficient Gun. I have two Books (a Spectator a Plutarch), and no other definite thing yet whatever; nor indeed can I think of anything more very suitable, which could be attainable here.— — A Steamer, you will see by the card, leaves Annan on Saturday, and might still bring any Package in time for us here; but I [doubt?] that there will be any. The address for Packages is “E. Paulet Esq, Dale Street.”

Tell Jack to write to me, what is going on! How my Mother is; whom I hope soon to see. I believe I ought to go round by Ireland; Duffy (at Dublin, whom John knows) cordially invites me to be his guest; but that I think will hardly do. We shall see.— I bathe here daily; find the fresh gentle wind, and indolent quiet, very wholesome. On or before the end of the first week of August, I consider myself due in Annandale.

Jane is somewhat livelier; evidently taking well with her quarters here. She means to stay a while longer, and then make for East Lothian, before she return. I did not get the Examiner till today: commend me heartily with it to my dear old Mother. The Portrait is gone to Dumfries: I wrote to Jean and heard from her. Adieu, dear Brother T. Carlyle