August 1846-June 1847

The Collected Letters, Volume 21


JWC TO HELEN WELSH; 19 August 1846; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18460819-JWC-HW-01; CL 21:18-19.


[19 August 1846]

Dearest Helen

Geraldine will not hear of my going tomorrow, nor do I feel, myself, in any desperate haste to leave her. This noiseless well-ordered little house of hers—the very pink of Martha-Tidyism1—is so calming-down after Seaforth. and herself so good and quiet and sensible!— I should like to see the perfectly rational proper Mrs Ellis2 of a woman that could have managed as well with me as this poor little Authoress of a questionable Zoe has done in these days— People who are at ease in Zion3 I myself when I have been so to a certain extent—may have found Geraldine very teazing and absurd—but let one be ill—suffering—especially morbidly suffering and then one knows what Geraldine is!—all the intelligent sympathy and real practical good that lies in her!

—I shall return on Monday—and beyond that I have no certain purpose The scotch expedition grows to look more difficult for me every day—and the wisdom of squandering a quantity of money and bodily fatigue on it more doubtful— If I were sure of having my health mended by it I should think that to be attained at all costs and risks—but I am sure of no such thing—think sometimes that my own house at Chelsea were by far the fittest and safest place for me in my present state— I shall get to some conclusion before many days are over—and this much is certain that I shall be with you in Maryland Street on Monday—God willing

Love to them all and to Isabella4

Ever your affectionate

Jane Carlyle

30 Carlton Terrace

Green Heys