August 1846-June 1847

The Collected Letters, Volume 21


TC TO EDWARD FITZGERALD; 27 June 1847; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18470627-TC-EF-01; CL 21:242-243.


Chelsea, 27 June, 1847

DEAR FITZGERALD,—I hope you got the letter I had sent round for you, by Boulge, the day before yours reached me? I wait for your news of Squire, whom I hope you would easily dig up in “No 1 Regent Road.”1 If he can lay his foolish old hands on those “Lists &c,” or any fraction, snip or remnant of that poor burned manuscript, I should like to have it instantly. I must endeavour to work up the distracted enigmatic Extracts he has given me into some printable condition, so soon as possible, lest they too by some new mischance be annihilated. If therefore he have anything whatever more, pray urge him to send it me without much delay.— At lowest, do you take care of his own mad letters, and return them all safe to me. …

“rags” are sometimes preferable to nakedness; sometimes not. If one ever is to be clothed again, one must strip.2 And I for one am weary of Houndsditch! Adieu; Heaven love you.