July 1847-March 1848

The Collected Letters, Volume 22


JWC TO MARY RUSSELL ; 13 July 1847; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18470713-JWC-MR-01; CL 22: 14-15


13th July [1847]

My dear Mrs Russel

I find I have mistaken the day of the month, and this will hardly reach you on the 14th—but for practical purposes the 15th will answer just as well.1 Even now I have no time left to write a decent letter— People having been coming and going all the forenoon—scattering my time and my wits to the four winds—

The heat is dreadful here and making me to sick for eating or sleeping or thinking or living—and still I do not project going anywhere this summer— My Husband talks of Scotland—but has arrived at no certainty.— I desperately want to have the paint washed and various things done which can only be got done when he is out of the house— The same little woman2 I got at newyears day is still here—and gives me no bother— She is weak and slow—but willing and orderly—so one thing taken with another I get along with her quite peaceably— I know of no less than three excellent Servants just now out of place—women I have had opportunity to know about for years—but I made a point of never putting away anyone unless for some misconduct—and this little Anne conducts herself quite well, and so I must resist the temptation of getting a more accomplished and energetic servant— If I had had such choice in the winter it might have saved me a long illness.—

Give old Mary the caps with my kind regards Remember me to your Husband and Father

Ever affectionately yours

in haste /

Jane Carlyle