July 1847-March 1848

The Collected Letters, Volume 22


JWC TO JOHN FORSTER ; 22 November 1847; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18471122-JWC-JF-01; CL 22: 167


[22 November 1847]

Dear Mr Forster

Every thing seems on the road to perdition! Here has that little Good-for-nothing streamed off to Seaforth, for no more pressing object than to spend a day under the same roof with the Yankee-Seraph!1 and so she has not got the letter I sent on Saturday, desiring that she should forward her proofs to the Printer2— I must trouble you then with this one also— Poor Henry!—and poor me!— Here is a bright day in which we might have gone to the Play well enough—but for the Masters precipitancy

Ever yours faithfully

Jane Carlyle