July 1847-March 1848

The Collected Letters, Volume 22


TC TO JOSEPH EDLESTON ; 26 January 1848; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18480126-TC-JE-01; CL 22: 235-236


Chelsea, 26 jany, 1848—

Dear Sir,

I am much obliged by your intelligent and kind communication; of which I shall endeavour to make what use is possible.

The Letter about Lilburne (8 March, 1650–1) has certainly escaped me:1 if you will please to send me an exact copy (date, address &c with exact reference), I shall be very thankful, and do my best to turn it to account. Richard Pratt's Paper2 and Colonel James's,3 tho' of less consideration, would also be very welcome, if you could undertake the trouble of getting them copied. Pray mention also whether the Lilburne Letter is an original, and if there is any notice how it came into the Collector's hands.— I have corrected the reference “p. 495” as you direct. There is no other Baker that I know of but the one in your University; that is to say, part of the volumes are with you, and part in the British Museum here;4 I hardly know either of them except at second hand; but it has often struck me as a great pity that some intelligent Cambridge man did not go into the old volumes, and distil some result out of them, for the honour of his University and of England. It would require no small faculty both of writing and (what is far rarer) of forbearing to write; for there has much fallent obsolete, which one is bound to know, and not to repeat: but by a brave man, not afraid of labour, capable of wise speech and of wise silence, it might be done.5

With many thanks, I remain

Yours very truly /

T. Carlyle

Could you mention the place as well as year of Master's[?] Book: “London (?), 1753”?—