July 1847-March 1848

The Collected Letters, Volume 22


TC TO JOSEPH EDLESTON ; 28 January 1848; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18480128-TC-JE-01; CL 22: 236


Chelsea, 28 jany, 1848—

Dear Sir,

Accept many thanks for the trouble you have taken with these Transcripts.1 The Lilburn Letter is decidedly worth preserving in print; and can still be illustrated a little, as I find.— With regard to the Pratt Document, if you persist in your kind purpose of still consulting the original again, perhaps you could also ascertain whether there is any farther trace of Pratt before or after; and inform me what this of Bedesmanship specially was in your college, and in what form, if at all, it still is there. This quite at your leisure,—for the document is otherwise not important.

I have heard no tidings of Sir Isaac Newton in this neighbourhood:2 but there is an ancient dusty virtuoso here (one Faulkner, a Bookseller) who may perhaps have some confused knowledge on the point. He has published what he calls a “History of Chelsea.” He has vanished now from his old crypt in Paradise Row; but I think is still extant and known in some other not far off.3

With many sincere acknowledgements / Yours very truly

T. Carlyle