April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


JWC TO THOMAS CARLYLE ; 4 April 1848; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18480404-JWC-TC-01; CL 23: 5


Tuesday [4 April 1848]

Thanks for the night cap and the note—chiefly for the note—my head having pretty well learnt to sleep in a handkerchief.

Lady Harriet does not go to London this evening—her Opera has been knocked on the head by James bringing news of the death of Sir Thomas Baring.1 So now; instead of her going up, Mr Baring comes down to dinner— Sadler2 will bring the caps tomorrow; she having to go up for mournings—“black for three weeks and grey for three weeks more.” She is also to bring a quantity of oranges, to be made into Marmalade under my direction!— If Mr Baring would go at it—cut the chips and so on; direction might make some marmalade as good as mine—but it is not Mrs Atchison3 that will ever choose to learn the making of marmalade any more than the making of cakes.

Nothing has happened except that the female ringdove has fallen sick—and the cage is within doors to day and the door is closed, and the little house has quite a sorrow-stricken appearance— Yesterday we were in the open air all day, walking driving, sitting—Lady H was so tired at night that she went to bed before ten, and breakfasted in bed this morning She is now gone out on the pony, I believe, while I have had a lazy drive in the carriage— Fleming's model-horse came down on the crown of its head some time ago, and broke Mr Baring's chin— So now it is looking forward to a glancing future of corn without work Something was said yesterday of Charles Buller coming on Thursday “if he could get away”—at all events I fondly trust he will not be able to stay away If the quiet of today and yesterday could only last while these beautiful sunshiny days last; it would be my own fault if I did not get refreshed as by a bath of new milk— This morning I walked half an hour, and sat sewing out of doors for a whole hour, before breakfast, without catching a headach. Kind love to John I will write to him in a day or two—

Ever yours, /