April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


TC TO ISABELLA BULLER; 25 February 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490225-TC-IB-01; CL 23: 242


Chelsea, 25 feby, 1849—

My dear Mrs Buller,

I am very sorry you have been troubled on this matter of the Liskeard Sculptor;1 you, who have so much else to trouble you, and by me, who ought not to be employed in that work of all others!

Here is the poor man's Letter, which came to me while Jane was with you yesterday; which pray read, and then burn, without answer to me, or to any one, concerning it. And so let the whole matter rest, and be as if it had not been. I have written today to the poor man that there is no kind of hope for him; that he had better renounce the attempt of modelling such a Bust at present,—which I fancy he will, when he reflects on it, incline to do, having no chance whatever to succeed in such an enterprise.

And now, if you will forgive me the little fret I unwittingly inflicted on you yesterday thro' Jane,—an act of grace which I think you have already done,—this small futile affair has ended; and we will look forward to better that are coming, or are hoped to be coming!

Burn the Sculptorial Letter; and make no answer to me, till I get to see you in your new House.

with many inalienable regards / Yours always sincerely

T. Carlyle