April 1848-March 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 23


TC TO JOSEPH EDLESTON; 29 March 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490329-TC-JE-01; CL 23: 262-264


Chelsea, 29 March, 1849—

Dear Sir,

If you could be so kind as give me a Copy of that Cromwell Letter from Polwhele, I would still try to squeeze it into the Appendix of the Third Editn,—tho' I have now finished that affair, and sent it off to the Printer some time ago, intending not to concern myself with it farther.1

Your Dudley-Wyatt Letter has got into the Text;2 and here, since that event, is another copy sent me, which, I see, confirms all your conjectures, and is thought to betoken farther some possibility that the original itself may still be somewhere in Cambridge.3 As I have no farther use for this copy, you are to consider it as your own.

The same Mr Bruce (Camden-Society-Bruce) has had copied for me, from the same Harl. Mss. No 7053,f.152 (called farther, Baker Mss.X.373), a mild but rather peremptory Order “to the Chancellor and Senate of Cambge university” to grant Benjn Rogers the degree of Bachelor of Music, their regulations to the contrary notwithstanding: this Piece too (dated 28 May 1658) is most probably somewhere extant in your neighbourhood; for it bears to be Ex Registro Academiae [From the Academic Register], and has a docket in Latin, of its being read &c.4 If I do not get it into the Appendix, you shall have this copy, and so in any case get sight of it.

This Mr Bruce, if you are making investigations of that kind, is very learned and exact in such affairs, and appears to be of a most obliging turn towards honest fellow-labourers.

The Borlace-and-Ayscough question I have sent to be examined:5 if the Letterpress and Ms. turn out identical, I will take care to indicate it in some way.

In haste / Dear Sir / Yours very sincerely / T. Carlyle