April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


JWC TO SAMUEL LAURENCE; 9 May 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490509-JWC-SL-01; CL 24: 46


Wednesday [9 May? 1849]

Dear Mr Laurence,

I did not mean to have been so uncivil—but—the force of circumstances! I prefered speaking about the picture to writing about it, and all these days have been prevented from going to Wigmore Street,1 which, as you are probably aware, is a great way off. On Sunday indeed I did call at your door, in the wild hope that you might perhaps be irreligious enough to paint on Sunday as on other days—but you were not there, whatever you might be doing— I must see C's2 sketch again, before I can tell about the size—and will come—that is—go, as soon as possible— As for doing me; do you really take me for good simpleton enough to believe that my face, at this stage of the world, is one that any Artist out of Bedlam would dream of drawing, for the mere pleasure of “trying his hand on it”—? Not possible— You might like it perhaps for a personification-picture of Headach and Blue devils—why not? our exhibition has generally several such pictures—“Suspense”—“Indecision”—“Expectation”—These I have seen with my own eyes and wondered at! Oh yes—and I remember too a “Regret” (!!) which consisted chiefly of a black gown— Well—for something of that sort I may be useful to you—and am very much at your service, so soon as the weather is settled and my headach settled along with it— But understand I am no fool, and go with open eyes to the fact that there must be some “DO” at the bottom of any ones fancy for making a likeness of me.

Ever truly yours /

Jane Carlyle