April 1849-December 1849

The Collected Letters, Volume 24


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE; 18 June 1849; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18490618-TC-JAC-01; CL 24: 72-73


Chelsea, 18 june, 1849—

Dear Brother,

Here is a Note from Jean this morning; to whom I have written, hinting also that you perhaps would speedily write. But I added that you did not seem very alert at that species of employment just now! We will believe you to be doing well with your kind Host at Rawdon, and the kind summer sun and Yorkshire breezes, which does truly form a better occupation than writing Letters or whatever else if you are not obliged to it.

A second Note is come from Duffy,1 which I here inclose for you. After study and sufficient or redundant discussion I have answered him that I purpose to embark in the Dublin Steamer here on Thursday come a week; that now is fixed as my day;—and great is the bustle in consequence! Jane decides to go to Fife, to Walter and Jeannie, till I disembark in Scotland again,—that is, if it suit Walter &c. In that case, Neuberg's invitation (which is renewed this morning) may perhaps be accepted.

Twistleton has been here again; is coming again with Power, the new “Commissioner.”2 Aubrey de Vere I must cess [make a demand on] for names of “good Irish Landlords,”—if there be in reality any “good,” except Lord George Hill,3 who alone seems to come under that definition in my hitherto experience or tradition.— I have not yet quite done with Painting, and mere idle superfetation! The poor little man (a total failure) gets one “final sitting” (positively for the last time) tomorrow. Marioni has been here, not Rosconi;4 and Lucas5 comes tonight, and red Dunlop6 on Tuesday night— Ach Gott im Himmel [God in Heaven]!

With kind regards to Forster / Your affectionate

T. Carlyle