The Collected Letters, Volume 25


JWC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 4 March 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500304-JWC-JAC-01; CL 25: 37-38


Monday [4 March 1850]

One line my dear John to say that I send the last Geraldine Chapter1 direct to you—and you can either give it to my cousins or send it to them at Maryland Street— I forget their appointed day2 and was afraid it might get lost at Auchtertool—

What short letters you do send me in return for my long ones!

Elizabeth came back from Exeter last night to my considerable relief her sister being as “willing” as Barkis3 but so heedless! Elizabeth brought me from home with her some devonshire cream—a loin of devonshire mutton and very pretty scarlet silk thing to wear about my neck!!

I suppose the Duke has gained the race4 for there is no letter from Aberdeen this morning—and I can't say I am sorry—for reasons best known to myself. —This morning's post however brought me a packet from Thornhill—I had written to beg Mrs Russell to get me from the Templand Garden a slip of the sweet briar my Mother was so fond of, and it came, and three other roses and some crocuses and snowdrops beside which I planted after breakfast beside my ‘Jessamine’ and heartsease from the garden at Haddington—

My Lady of the long ringlets5 has been here twice for the whole forenoon—and I am happy to find the state in which I found her that first day was abnormal—she is really a very sensible, warm hearted and wellbred woman, and will be rather a valuable addition to my female acquaintance, which is somewhat “insipid6 like Helen's bugs

But I have no time to write today besides—that you dont deserve long yarns— So with love to your Mother and Jamie and Isabella

Yours ever affectionately

Jane Carlyle