The Collected Letters, Volume 25


TC TO EDWARD CHAPMAN ; 18 March 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500318-TC-EC-01; CL 25: 50-51


Chelsea, Monday [18? March 1850]

Dear Sir,

Will you send a copy of Pamphlet No 3, and what follow, to this Address,

Arthur Helps Esq
Vernon Hill
Bishop's Waltham

Winchester is ten miles from him; he (or his Waltham Bookseller) is warned to expect it by your agent there,—and I beg you would enjoin on him (your man in Winchester) to be sharp!

Not one of the Presentation Copies of No 2 seems to have reached its destination: Dumfries & Haddington (by Edinr), Ballyar or Derry (by Dublin), Belfast too,—all are silent. Dumfries (to which there is a parcel weekly from Edinr) and Ld George Hill at Ballyar1 expressly answer No. I wish much you would look into this, and set it on a right footing. Scotland can be managed; as to Lord George Hill, I think you had better send the Nos by post (he lies so remote), and I will settle with you for the sixpences— A penny2 better forwarded to each of the other parties once (with No 3 for instance), to tell them where their Copy is, and will always at the due day of the month be,—wd do much to clear up the business. Admonition to your Agents at the other side might accomplish the rest.

I hope to have done with the rewrite of No 4 on Thursday or else Friday, and will bring it with me, being bound for the City directly after. I suppose you will be at your post, either afternoon? I mean to call, and inquire about the finance of the operation; a clear understanding on that subject will be satisfactory to both of us now.3

There is also a Cromwell to be sent to Ireland, if I can remember to put the first volume in my pocket.

No 54 is frightful to think of in the [loss?] I am in.

Yours always truly, /

T. Carlyle