The Collected Letters, Volume 25


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE; 20 March 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500320-TC-JAC-01; CL 25: 53-54


Chelsea, Wednesday Evg [20 March 1850]

Dear Brother,—Here is a Letter from John in Canada1 which came last night; a rather foolish one, but descriptive I suppose of the poor fellow's humour and position yonder. You can burn it when you have done with it. I have kept note of his Attorney and land-owner affair; all moonshine most probably in itself, and the “Dunlop Esq of Clover” an undiscoverable man: however I will make some attempt to inquire after him, and satisfy the poor soul if I can. The Address, I suppose, if you put “Canada West” upon it, is quite right as we had it.

Jane has gone to Addiscomb (yesterday) for two days, the Lady being left there alone in a complaining way: I am accordingly upstairs altogether till tomorrow when she returns;—very busy indeed. The east wind lamed me so, I had decided not to send out “Downing Street 2d” till May in the regular course: but on despatching No 3 (or “Downing St” first) to press, with that announcement, I was told the Covers were already printed off, advertising No 4 for April 15! So it must be, therefore: and I am in a peck of hurries ever since,—but nearly beginning to see land thro' No 4 too. These are both baddish nos.; but I cannot help it: there is something attempted in them too; afar off, as it must needs be.— — On the whole, it is a horrible job this same; no luck for me till I get thro' it. Last Punch was full of barking and bantering (very helpless that) about me;2 which gratifies Chapman amazingly. All the dogs of the parish must bark, if you tumble up a cart of hardware within hearing.— Our Mother is mending. Thanks for your Note: I hope my Mother and you will get a walk now. My blessings on her, and on you all: another Note soon. Good night / T. Carlyle