The Collected Letters, Volume 25


JWC TO BLANCHE STANLEY; 24 April 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500424-JWC-HBS-01; CL 25: 70


5 Cheyne Row / 24th April [1850]

My dear Lady Blanche— (I really cannot write Miss Blanche; it is a name that don't go well with Miss) A thousand thanks for your flowers and eggs! and a million for your remembrance of me in Cheshire1—remembrance being precious allways in the ratio of the miles between—

“Oh what beautiful flowers” I said, in taking them out of the basket— “Yes, my Dear, said Mr C “but those eggs in my opinion are worth a whole cart load of flowers”! You see, my adorable young Lady, what you may hope to arrive at by “pursuit of philosophy under difficulties”!

For my part, I am resigned to be, as an old woman of my acquaintance figured herself on being;—“No Philosopher but just a plain human creature” and taking an irrational delight in flowers rather than a rational one in new laid Eggs— Again this morning at breakfast Mr C exclaimed all of a sudden, “Long Life to Blanche!” and my thoughts not being in his egg at the moment but a hundred miles from eatable things, I was afraid he was getting rather romantic on your subject.

I suppose you are coming back soon and that in the fulness of time I shall see you again— All good be with you Dear

Ever truly yours /

Jane Carlyle