The Collected Letters, Volume 25


TC TO ROBERT FARIE ; 14 August 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500814-TC-RF-01; CL 25: 155-156


Boverton, Cowbridge, S. Wales. 14 Aug't 1850.

Dear Farie,

If this Note can find you, as I hope the former one did, by so slender an Address, I will ask you to let me know, within a week or so, what is your special place of abode at Malvern; and on the whole how you are related in locality to the Glo'ster & Birmingham Railway, from which line in the neighbourhood of Worcester, I remember viewing your district once.

I shall be proceeding northward from this place before long: my first notion was, to sail from Swansea, and so by the aid of steam see all the coast to Liverpool at my ease; but, alas, this turns out to be an affair of 30 hours, mostly by night, and in short will not suit me at all. The next best scheme is, to sail from Cardiff to Glo'ster, a very brief business; then to get into the Birmingham railway, and so be shot home. However, I should like to stay a night by the road, indeed why should not I pause for a day at Malvern, and see what I think of the place.

Please therefore to tell me how far Malvern is from the line, and what is the Inn to drive to (for a quiet bed, if one's imagination durst picture such a thing); and finally where is the specific place in which R Farie will be discoverable in the evening.

I am diligently bathing in the sea and riding about by land in these parts; the weather, good after some interruption, is again charming, and I have the favourable country, with solitude and southern expanse: nevertheless I do not yet find I am making an exemplary figure in the way of practical Hygienics, and certainly am not yet grown a match for the game chicken1 in point of bodily vigour. Tomorrow we are for a small excursion to Merthyr Tydvil; to try the effect of a little soot, I suppose. Another scheme of mine,—this is my own scheme,—contemplates riding upon galloways to Plinlimmon, Hafod and Aberystwyth; perhaps to the Menai Bridge2 itself, and is seeing Wales to perfection!

Adieu, dear Farie,

Yours ever truly, /